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The voice of the Esu Fondom

  Revised Coronation program

for HRH Fon Kum-a-Chuo II Albert Chi Kawzu

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

6-11.00 am:      Human Investments and Inspection by ECUDA Home Region President (Public and private places

Wednesday Feb, 13 2008

6-11.00 am:    Human Investments (Public and private places)

4. 00 pm:        Meeting of Cultural Committee with Leaders of Dance Groups (Palace Hall)

Thursday Feb, 14 2008

9.00 am ECUDA Courtesy Visit to the Fon (Palace)

11.00 am:ECUDA National Executive Meeting (Palace Hall)

3. 00 pm:          Ecumenical Service (GS Field)

Friday February 15, 2008-Coronation Ceremony

7am:  Arrival and installation of population

8.30am: Arrival of Invitees

9.30:  Arrival of Mayor of Fungom, Fons, Chiefs and Ardos

9.45am: Arrival of MPs for Menchum

9.50am Arrival of DO of Fungom

10am: Arrival of SDO for Menchum and other Dignitaries

·          Consultation (Palace)

·          Enthronement (Palace)

·          Acknowledgement speech by HRH the Fon of Esu (GS Esu)

·          Gifts and goodwill messages (GS Esu)

 1pm        Lunch

·          Cultural animation and traditional dances

·          General animation in quarters

3pm: Finals in sporting events

Saturday February 16, 2008

5.30am  Mini-Cross country

1pm       Arrival of population at GS Esu

1.20pm  Arrival of quarter Heads and Notables

1.30pm   Arrival of HRH the Fon of Esu, led by a traditional dance

1.40pm   Arrival of Mayor, Fons, Chiefs, Ardos and Dignitaries from Menchum

1.45pm   Arrival of DO for Fungom

1.50pm     Arrival of SDO for Menchum

·          Singing of National Anthem

·          Word from HRH the Fon of Esu

·          Speech from President General of ECUDA

Fund Raising volume 1:

·          Home region with all its branches; Ocean, Lt. South, Mountain, Lt. North, Muea, Bamenda, Munkep/Gayama I and II, Yaounde, Meme, Wum, Mungo and overseas regions.

·          Brief talk from an official of the Credit Union League;

Fund Raising volume 2: 

·          Personalities, Invitees, Elites and well wishers.

·          Word from the SDO for Menchum

·          Review of traditional dances.

7pm:     Gala Night 

·          Award of prizes.

End of Program